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Beyond the Screen

After extensive consultation with governments, civil society groups, academics and concerned citizens, we have identified crucial gaps that exist in the accountability ecosystem for social platforms today.


We see three areas of investment that will exponentially increase the power of non-social media company employees to engage in an ecosystem of checks and balances for the common good.

A map of online harms and levers to prevent & mitigate them, so that investors, litigators, and other civil society actors can compel social platforms to act with a Duty of Care towards their users. We hope once this shared context is generated, it will enable product safety litigation, investment standards and informed consumers

Based on the harms and levers articulated by Duty of Care, we will identify which data the public needs to quantify the scale of social platforms’ harms and their progress to mitigate them, at a level of specificity that will compel the platforms to respond. Minimal viable queries are the articulation of those data needs. 

​A platform for enabling instruction on and research into how different product design choices influence social media dynamics, teaching key insights about how social platforms’ harms evolve and can be mitigated. The Simulated Social Network will allow parties to independently confirm the insights articulated in the Duty of Care project, fostering greater credibility and consensus.

Help us build solutions for the common good.

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